Snakes vs Ravens

Black Flag Stadium


Black Flag Stadium


Balefires Bakery Southern Division November 17, 2019 - 12:32 pm
Black Flag Stadium


The Snakes started by inducing a Kroxigor mercenary for the game.

They then moved the ball into position on the left wing, but the Ravens managed to pop it free. A huge scrimmage ensued with the ball bouncing back and forth before Frey Zimmerman got hold of it and tried to launch a pass out to Zelig Stoerm, who would have carried it towards a likely score. But Bruce, the unlikely saurus hero, scooped the ball out of the air for a massive interception. Out of position and unable to get back, the Ravens could only watch him run in the first TD at the end of the half.

The Ravens replied quickly with a side zone play to even things up. Then the Snakes made a grave error, with the skink in charge of collecting the ball failing to pick it up, with a massive open field around him. The Ravens mugged the ball and scored relatively easily.

The final drive saw two Ravens knocked out in the first scrimmage. The Snakes sent a foray down the left that was (apparently) stopped by the Ravens. They switched tack and went right, forcing the Ravens to redeploy, but then switched back and passed to Izzy on the right, who ran in to even things up.

All up, an epic match with lots of swings back and forth.


Date Time League Season
November 17, 2019 12:32 pm Balefires Bakery Southern Division Pre-season Friendlies 2020


Black Flag Stadium
Black Road, Flagstaff Hill, City of Onkaparinga, South Australia, 5159, Australia




# Player Position MVP Comp TD Int Cas
02Syd the VictoriousSkink11000
03Grim JimSkink00000
04Jack AttackSkink00000
05Scylla the UnseenSkink00000
06Izzy the LizzyChameleon Skink00100
08Toothy SmilesSaurus00000
09Dead KellySaurus00000
10Cruise ControlSaurus00000
11Kill BillSaurus00000
 Total 11211

Head Coach: X90spy


# Player Position MVP Comp TD Int Cas
01Goran WissenHuman Blitzer00000
02Jaeger FelikssonHuman Blitzer10000
03Otto the RockHuman Blitzer00001
04Jacquelyn HammersteinHuman Blitzer00001
05Zelig StoermHuman Catcher00100
06Frey ZimmermanHuman Catcher00100
09Sloan HammersteinHuman Thrower02000
10Hans FranzHuman Lineman00000
11Jan BochHuman Lineman00000
12Gustav GrueberHuman Lineman00000
13Johan FreizHuman Lineman00000
14Fahad DjinnHuman Lineman00000
 Total 12202

Head Coach/Adeleague Commissioner: sinisterdexter