Hall of Records

The Adeleague has been running since late 2016, with the first title awarded in 2017. The original format of the league was to complete two seasons each calendar year under the competition of the Adelaide Open. The early season winner received the Tricolour Pennant, and the late season winner the Red standard.

Similarly, players used to receive awards that are no longer presented. The Silver Coronet went to the player with the most SPPs, the Platinum Wings to the player with the most completions, the Golden Boot to the player that scored the most touchdowns, and the Iron Gauntlet to the player that inflicted the most casualties. Details of these award winners can be found below.

The 2020 Season will have a new set of awards, as shown below, each bestowed by one of the ‘Bronze Pigs’. Those familiar will know these incredible stars of the Blood Bowl pitch, as they stand guard over the city in Rundle Mall. You may not know their names, however: Augusta, Horatio, Truffles and Oliver.


Augusta’s Gauntlet

Awarded to the Stage One Champions by Augusta, the noble leader of the Bronze Pigs.

Augusta’s Helm

Awarded to the Season Champions by Augusta, the noble leader of the Bronze Pigs.

Horatio’s Favour

Awarded to the team scoring the most touchdowns in the season by Horatio, the fast and agile Bronze Pig.

Truffle’s Blessing

Awarded to the team inflicting the most casualties in the season by Truffles, the massive and brutal Bronze Pig.

Olver’s Steak Knives Set

Awarded to the best stunty team by Oliver, the diminutive, but gastronomically gifted, Bronze Pig.

Early 2017
Adelaide Open Season 1: a Grand Old Flag (Tricolour Pennant)
Adam Marafioti (Olaf_The_Stout) Renaissance Rejects (necromantic)
Late 2017
Adelaide Open Season 2: a Renaissance (Red Standard)
Brett Whittaker (sinisterdexter) Starwood Hunt (wood elf)
Early 2018
Adelaide Open Season 3: the Hunt (Tricolour Pennant)
Mark Peterson (The_Abominable_Snowman) Salty Dogs (dwarf)
Late 2018
Adelaide Open Season 4: Blood and Plunder (Red Standard)
Simon Caon (Simork) Well-Oiled Beef Hooks (Norse)
Early 2019
Adelaide Open Season 5 (Tricolour Pennant)
Mark Peterson (The_Abominable_Snowman) Salty Dogs (dwarf)

Silver Coronet

2017 – 2020

82 SPPs

Bloodbeard the Merciless

Salty Dogs

Troll Slayer

Platinum Wings

2017 – 2020

31 Completions


Poisoned Blades

Dark Elf Thrower

Golden Boot

2017 – 2020

17 Touchdowns

One-Eyed Wili

Salty Dogs

Dwarf Runner

Iron Gauntlet

2017 – 2020

36 Casualties

Bloodbeard the Merciless

Salty Dogs

Troll Slayer