Adeleague is a group of people dedicated to the game Blood Bowl, a tabletop strategy game created and produced by Games Workshop, and supported by, amongst others, the NAF. Any “coach” living in the Greater Adelaide Metropolitan Area (GAMA) can join our growing legion of gamers.

Blood Bowl is a strange mixture of American football (gridiron), the fantasy-esque worlds of authors like Tolkein, chess, and tabletop wargames. It is played on a grid of 15×26 squares with miniatures (the players) that are usually lovingly painted by their coach and which each have their own statistics and abilities.

If you’d like more information, or want to join Adeleague, you can email the Commissioner, Brett, at southernstrikeeditor@gmail.com


I've been playing Blood Bowl, on and off, since the 90s. In that time I've commissioned several leagues, run a tourney or two, and represented South Australia on the SA Steelballs team four times. I have won the Southern Shrike Bowl, SA's largest tournament, twice (2015 and 2018) and was recognised with the AusBowl MVP in 2012.
Brett 'SinDex' Whittaker

Adeleague Divisions

While coaches can play any team, each Division will send one contender to the Finals for every four active coaches in the Division.

  • GAFA Division:¬†based in Gawler
  • Balefires Bakery Southern Division
  • Zombway Northern Division
  • Hellstra¬†Central Division
  • Hills Hooligans League Division: based in Mt Barker