For the full Adeleague Rules, please click the button below to go to the Adeleague 2020 Coach Guide (PDF document). A summary of the main rules can be found below. The button on the right is a guide to the NAF OBBLM, including team management and match report controls.

The Big Four Rules:

  1. Have Fun
  2. Don’t Be A Dick
  3. The Adeleague Commission has the final word.
  4. BB16 is King – Own a Copy

Key Dates:

  • Nov – Dec 2019: Stage One Registration
  • Dec 2019 to May 2020: Stage One Playoffs
  • June 2020: Stage One Finals
  • July 2020 to November 2020: Stage Two Playoffs
  • December 2020: Season Finals
  • December 2020: Adeleague 2021 Registration

Register using this form. Can register as an individual, small group (2 or 3 coaches), local group (4 or more coaches) or existing league.

​ALL coaches must be registered on the NAF OBBLM and must use it to manage their team roster and submit match results.

New teams are made using 1,000,000gp. Old teams may be used but must undergo an End of Season process.

The league will have a divisional structure, with each division having four or more coaches. Coaches may play within or outside of their division, but points earned will contribute only to their own divisional ladder. Coaches may play anyone so long as they do not play another coach more than twice in a row. Points will be 3 for a win, 1 for a draw, zero for a loss.

Adeleague uses modified rules as below:

  • No special play cards of any kind (CRP or BB16)
  • BB16 star players only, except for NAF teams (see below), and SSB stars (see Coach Guide)
  • NAF teams: Bretonnians, Khorne, Slaan allowed
  • Modified skills: Piling On and Weeping Blades (see Coach Guide)

At the end of each playoffs, each division will contribute one finals contender for every four active coaches in the division.

Finals will be played using a knockout, resurrection format. Contenders will choose their team using 1,400,000gp, purchasing from their existing team roster or the team roster in the rules. Fan factor is not purchased and is equivalent to the team’s pre-finals value. Re-rolls are purchased at normal (or half) price. This is referred to as Balancing the team. During finals, players do not gain SPPs or incur Injuries, nor does the team accrue Winnings. After the finals series, teams are Debalanced by reverting them back to their pre-finals state and then applying any rewards or awards from the Finals to them.

Awards for finalists are below. Their full rules are contained in the Coach Guide:

  • Augusta’s Gauntlet – Stage One Champion
  • Augusta’s Helm – Season Champion
  • Horatio’s Favour – most touchdowns
  • Truffles’ Blessing – most casualties
  • Oliver’s Steak Knives Set – best stunty team